Ongoing Casino Bonuses: Special Rewards Provided to Loyal Clients

ongoing casino bonuses

Ongoing casino bonuses are a special category of promotions which are offered periodically by gambling websites all over the world to their clients (including those which cater to Canadian residents).

Their main purpose serves to reward clients who opt to use a particular online casino's services on a regular basis by providing them with perks such as free cash or spins on selected games. Like most offers provided by gambling websites, these promotions actually belong to various categories themselves.

Daily Bonuses

Certain gambling websites run promotions every day. Hence a client of such a website could actually get to benefit from an ongoing casino bonus on a daily basis.

The promotions provided tend to vary from one day to the next and quite frequently take the following forms:

loyalty  bonus

  • Free spins: Offers in this category tend to be one of the most common offered by betting websites to their clients. For example, an establishment may provide 10 free spins every Monday on a particular slot, 20 free spins on that same slot every Wednesday and 25 free spins on another slot every Thursday.
  • Reload offers: Also another common type of reward, they involve a percentage of free cash being paid to a client when they make a deposit and may be considered to be a kind of loyalty reward, as a result. An example of such an ongoing casino bonus would be a virtual wagering establishment offering a match promotion of 60% for deposits of up to $50 every Saturday.

Weekly and Monthly Promotions canadaian

Unlike daily promotions which take place each day of the week, these promotions are issued by betting operators who prefer to provide offers on a monthly or weekly basis instead.

These rewards may take the following forms:

  • Game prizes: Certain gambling websites, may provide a set number of cash prizes to clients who win at particular games. An example would be such an establishment offering two prizes of $300 to the winners of a game of blackjack on the last day of each month.
  • Payment method offers: Occasionally, a betting website in Canada may intend to promote a particular payment method to its clients. One of the most effective means of doing so is by offering free cash to clients who make use of it. For example, a gambling establishment may offer 10% per deposit to clients who make use of Neteller throughout the month of March.
  • Reload promotions: Just as is the case with daily offers, these promotional rewards involve a client being issued a percentage of free cash based on the amount they deposit. For example, a betting website may offer clients a 100% bonus for any deposits of up to $150 made on the first day of each month.

Loyalty Rewards

Several top tier casinos reward clients who are regulars by means of loyalty schemes. Clients who participate in them can get to access ongoing casino bonuses which are generally unavailable to other more casual visitors to such websites.

Examples of such exclusive rewards include:

  • Birthday promotions: Certain virtual wagering operators provide special gifts to their regular clients on their birthdays such as free cash and access to games.
  • Special weekly offers: Quite frequently, these offers may take the form of free spins provided on a specific day of the week. The number of spins available will depend on the client's level in the scheme with those at higher levels receiving a higher number of spins compared to those on lower levels.